H.V. Chao at West Branch Wired

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H.V. Chao’s short story “The Blue Room” can now be freely read online in the Winter 2013 edition of West Branch Wired, a quarterly extension of the literary review into the virtual world.

 I am a great lover—of women’s apartments. I slip from a stranger’s sheets, it seems, and through a tear in the very fabric of existence to some secret, closely guarded part of their lives. The city is a vast gathering of rooms, like a gallery or palace. In each of these we curate, on shelves and windowsills, the exhibits of our lives, while around us brick and cinderblock wrap themselves in bastions, keeps, apartment buildings, walling out the stranger who, with a last wistful glance, lowers his head and hurries on his lonely way. There is in every bachelor, I think, something of this stranger, who arrives in a city with the sum of his earthly things in a tattered suitcase. Evening is falling on the avenues, the parks and the restaurants, and who are those people in the warm amber light with the wine and the bread and their faces full of laughter?

Please check it out!

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