Professor Cyclops #1 Premieres Today

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Professeur Cyclope #1

So, whatcha doin’ today?

You could be reading the debut issue of Professor Cyclops, a new monthly digital comics revue from a handful France’s top comic talents, including:

Ugo Bienvenu, Marine Blandin, Hervé Bourhis, Brüno, Sébastien Chrisostome, Morgan Di Salvia, Alexandre Franc, Kévin Manach, Antoine Marchalot, Marion Montaigne, Fabien Nury, Pluttark, Florent Remize, Anouk Ricard, Vincent Sorel, Fabien Vehlmann, and Stephen Vuillemin.

There are two ways to check it out:

  • A shorter version available for free at, optimized for online reading on tablets and computers. Each issue will be available for a whole month. You can also find the German version, Professor Zyklop, there.
  • The full version for subscribers gives you access to the entire magazine and the ability to download it on several platforms.

Subscribe now!

Previews released piece by piece in a lead-up to the release date are still available. Comics fans, technophiles, and curious onlookers: check it out!

Professeur Cyclope #0

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