OUT NOW: Nosferatu, Part II

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nosferatu 2

This two-parter about the secret vampire cabal that rules the world, and the resurrection of their dreaded ancestor, the ur-bloodsucker Nosferatu, in the jungles of India, takes us through ambition, heartbreak, betrayal, and much of human history, especially the 20th century. Written by Oliver Peru, with art by Stefano Martino, Nosferatu concludes with Para Bellum—prepare for war! Now available as a digital exclusive from Soleil at Comixology.

After having disappeared for over half a century, he has awoken again to discover that his fellow vampires and his enemies only want one thing: to kill him.
But neither the light nor the darkness want Nosferatu, the Undead. He understands that his only weakness was to have once loved. He is Nosferatu, the monster who wanted to live like a man…
Eric, the vampire hunter, is on the tracks of Nosferatu, but he is not the only one to pursue him. Another creature is watching for him, and patiently weaves its web…

J.-P. Toussaint’s Naked at Numero Cinq

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Naked Toussaint

In Numero Cinq magazine, Jason Lucarelli pens an insightful appreciation of Naked, the latest from “Belgian Nicholson Baker”  Jean-Philippe Toussaint, and the final book in his Marie tetralogy:

The most mesmerizing aspect of Toussaint’s narrative logic is how he blurs the temporality between events so that major moments during the breakup recall earlier corresponding moments. His narratives are so intricate, so pleasingly recursive, that the shape they take, the choices Toussaint makes, is where readers will find reward.

The magazine also features an excerpt from the novel, out this month from Dalkey Archive.

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