Jean-Christophe Duchon-Doris and Guy de Maupassant in The Uncanny Reader

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Due out soon after my birthday next February is the most excellent Marjorie Sandor’s fantastic new anthology of fantastical things, The Uncanny Reader: Stories from the Shadows. It will include my translations of Jean-Christophe Duchon-Doris’ “The Puppets” and a new rendition of Guy de Maupassant’s “On the Water”—my first time translating Maupassant! These authors will appear in the company of Chris Adrian, Aimee Bender, Kate Bernheimer, Mansoura Ez-Eldin, Jonathon Carroll, John Herdman, Kelly Link, Steven Millhauser, Joyce Carol Oates, Yoko Ogawa, Dean Paschal, Karen Russell, Namwali Serpell, Steve Stern, and Karen Tidbeck. What a line-up! Dig the spooky cover!

Anne Richter in Sisters of the Revolution

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Due out next February, Ann and Jeff VanderMeer’s anthology of feminist speculative fiction, Sisters of the Revolution, will feature my translation of the “The Sleep of Plants,” a story by Belgian fabulist Anne Richter.

This story was translated once before into English by Kim Connell as “The Dreaming Plant” in his 1998 anthology The Belgian School of the Bizarre. My title hews closer to the original—“Un sommeil de plante”—in what I hope is a good way. The story first appeared in Richter’s 1967 collection Les locataires (The Tenants). Most recently, The Collagist featured Richter’s story “The Great Pity of the Zintram Family” in their July issue.

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