OUT NOW: Vigilantes Vol. 1, The Sign

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Vigilantes 1

Stephen King meets superheroes in this heartfelt French tribute to such Americana as small towns, summer camp, kid friendship, and lasting loyalties. A ragtag group of pals reunites in middle age to save the world from a former child molester now turned political power broker. Vigilantes is written by Jean-Charles Gaudin, with art by Riccardo Crosa. The first volume, The Sign, is now available as a digital exclusive from Soleil at Comixology.

Present-day America. When William Peter Stahl, a famous politician, announces his aim to participate in the presidential race, four childhood friends recall their promise… . For these four know this man… They are the only ones who know the horrors that he committed more than thirty years ago.

Getting in touch with each other, they plan to go back to where it all started, and stop this man who is the embodiment of evil… They have to revive their old secret superhero group – The Vigilantes!

OUT NOW: Monika 1, Masked Ball

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Monika 1

So, I’ve never really worked on outright softcore before… till now! This book, the first in the Monika series, takes me back to a murky and mortifying late ‘90s adolescence during the glory days of Skinemax and the erotic thriller. Translator and clinical psychologist Thilde Barboni, with a dozen novels to her credit, turns to comics with Spanish pin-up artist Guillem March, best known here for his Catwoman covers, one of which drew some ire that resulted in its alteration. There’s some narrative gesturing at AI via sex dolls, but the book centers around sisterly relationships gone sour, the lifelong fallout from sexual abuse, political intrigue, and corruption Eyes Wide Shut-style.

Desperately seeking her missing sister, the beautiful multimedia visual performance artist Monika follows a lead that takes her deep into the murky underworld of anonymous, and decadent, masked balls for sexual encounters. Intoxicated by the power and mysteries surrounding her, she learns that the path to knowledge can be strewn with dangers never before imagined…

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