Comics in the Pipeline: World War X

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When a team of scientists on the moon accidentally opens a long-buried alien tomb, similar ancient tombs activate all over the Earth, unleashing a vast destructive force. Is there any hope for humanity? Like Scott Glenn waking up half an hour into The Keep, the pandemonium also awakens a guardian who at various times throughout the ages–from the Roman era through medieval times–has led humanity to repel the creatures’ attacks. His name? Helios.

A series by Jerry Frissen, Peter Snejbjerg, and Delphine Rieu.

World War X 1

World War X 2

World War X 3

Coming to you soon from the good folks at Titan Comics!

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Samurai Integrale 1

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Masked 2

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Pablo 3

Jean-Philippe Toussaint in Gulf Coast

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Jean-Philippe Toussaint (1957 Р) is a Belgian writer and filmmaker whose books have been translated into more than twenty languages. The author of nine novels, he is the winner of numerous literary prizes, including the Prix M̩dicis in 2005 for his novel Running Away, and the Prix D̩cembre in 2009 for The Truth about Marie, the two middle books of the Marie tetralogy.

  • The essays “The Ravanastron” and “How I Built Certain of My Hotels” appeared in Issue 27.1 of Gulf Coast, Winter-Spring 2015.
  • The essay “For Samuel Beckett” is forthcoming online at Gulf Coast.

His essay collection Urgency and Patience is forthcoming in Spring 2015 (despite this page from Google Books).


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Pablo 2

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The Chimera Brigade Has Arrived!!

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The long-awaited Chimera Brigade series kicks off in the U.S. this December, attempting to answer the question: “Whatever happened to the European superhero?” Drawing on a wealth of cult and popular literatures from the late 19th century to just before World War II, The Chimera Brigade rewrites the fictional history of Euro-adventurers into a shared universe not unlike our own.


A book trailer from publisher Titan Comics.

Scripted by Serge Lehman and Fabrice Colin, with pencils by Gess and colors by Celine Bessonneau.

More details, and a key to characters and references, at Weird Fiction Review.

Comics in the Pipeline: Masked

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Serge Lehman, one of the minds behind The Chimera Brigade, continues his exploration of Euro-superheroes with this series set in a Paris five minutes into the future.

Masked 1


Coming to you soon from the good folks at Titan Comics!

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