A Game for Swallows Coming to America

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I’m proud to announce that thanks to the tireless efforts of agent Nicolas Grivel, a fabulous graphic novel will be making it into English. Excerpts from it have previously appeared online at Words Without Borders and in print in PEN America, and the publication is aided by a generous French Voices grant from the French Embassy’s Cultural Services.

What I’m Working On (Right Now)

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Another secret French project I’m very excited about, slated for November release.

Out Now!

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Four short-shorts by Marcel Béalu are up at the second issue of Anomalous, as promised in an earlier post. They are:

Also, in Words Without Borders this month (the first of two issues on the Arab Spring), Boualem Sansal’s “An Open Letter to Mohammed Bouazizi.”

Khnoum: Ceramics in Paris

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Here’s a few things I bought from a friend who’s been potting for quite a few years now. She’s just taken the first step toward realizing her dream of living off her art and hobby by opening a Paris-based ceramics studio: Khnoum, named after the ram-headed Egyptian potting divinity and originally, god of the source of the Nile. My friend gives lessons at her studio, and her wares are available for purchase (her site, in French and English, links to her Etsy store). Next step: make enough to move the studio to a small, sunny country town…

What I’m Working On Right Now

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No details allowed yet, but call it Edward Gorey meets Calvin & Hobbes.

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Ludovic Debeurme’s Lucille hit stores

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last week (June 29), and it is exploding the interwebs! Here’s a sweet little promotional video for the graphic novel:

Thanks to the folks at Top Shelf, who were great to work with. Just a few of the many reviews below. Links courtesy of Nicolas Grivel, the fab agent who made this all happen.


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