This Saturday at USC: Marjane Satrapi and Chris Ware

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Award-winning graphic novelists MARJANE SATRAPI and CHRIS WARE are two artists whose difficult, beautiful storytelling combines visual pleasure with subject matter of the highest seriousness. Satrapi’s internationally best-selling graphic memoir Persepolis recounts her youth in Iran amid the Islamic Revolution and the Iran-Iraq War. Chris Ware uses stunningly lyrical drawings and spare text to create haunting, beautiful and unshakable books, including Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth. Join us for a rare opportunity to see these two critically acclaimed artists—and longtime mutual admirers—in conversation about their own and each other’s work. The discussion will be moderated by USC professors DANA JOHNSON and JEFF SOLOMON, hosting the event in conjunction with Professor ALICE GAMBRELL. RSVP now!


The Art of Empathy reviewed at PopMatters

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Literature Translation Publication Cover

Hans Rollman, a contributing editor at PopMatters, has penned the first review of The Art of Empathy, the NEA’s collection of essays on translation published last August. He spares a kind mention for yours truly:

Edward Gauvin draws an analogy with photographers (and other new media workers), who were once seen as merely technicians who clicked a button: now they’re seen as creative producers in their own right. “The translator is… a literature worker, and as such deserves respect, guarantees of safer working conditions, and certain basic rights for the formerly invisible and illicit.”

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