Wilfried N’Sondé at Words Without Borders

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Wilfried N’Sondé, a musician living in Berlin, is the author of three books: the highly acclaimed CÅ“ur des enfants léopards (2007), for which he was awarded the prix des Cinq Continents de la francophonie and the Prix Senghor de la création littéraire; Le Silence des esprits (2010); and most recently, Fleur de béton (2012), from which the excerpt “Flowers in Concrete” at Words Without Borders is taken.

Here’s a preview, pre-urban riot:

“Evening, everyone. I’m Captain Moussa Traoré of the National Police. This is my colleague Lieutenant Da Silva. No music tonight: the mayor’s office, in conjunction with the police, has decided to seal the entrance to the basement for the well-being of local residents. It’s for your own safety and security; the facilities below are not up to standard for public festivities. You probably don’t even know, but spending hours down there is toxic. The air isn’t good for you—throw in cigarettes on top of that and it’s a clear health hazard. Why don’t you head out to a real nightclub? This is just a public nuisance.”

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