The World Wide Weird: Weird Fiction Review

November 5th, 2011 § 0 comments

Ann and Jeff VanderMeer’s big top of weird wonders has premiered! Your one-stop shop for weird in all its stripes, colors, shapes, and textures, from comics and interviews to fiction and reviews. This is the hub the wheel of weird revolves around, the bale-eyed brain and source of all things tentacular. Check out the bottomless goodie bag of round tables, exclusives, podcasts, and previews, and stop by my translation of Belgian horror writer Thomas Owen’s story “Kavar the Rat” now in print for the first time after its podcast debut at Pseudopod!

The cauldron bubbleth over: there will be “new con­tent on WFR every week day through the end of the year, exclud­ing hol­i­day weeks, and then to either con­tinue on a daily basis or post dis­crete “issues” of the site. Keep the broth abrew, and hit that PayPal button while you’re at it: the site is currently running on dona­tions only. I am proud to announce that I will joining the site as a regular guest columnist, so please feed us weirdlings! Don’t let us go hungry! A ha’penny will do! (If you haven’t got a ha’penny then C-thul-hu!)

Next week’s features include:

—An extended excerpt from China Mieville’s after­word to The Weird
—Three fea­tures on Alfred Kubin, the first author in The Weird, two by Paul Smith
—The next episode of Leah Thomas’s web comic and an inter­view with the cre­ator
—An exclu­sive fea­ture from Jim Kelly and John Kessel on their Kafkaesque antho
–Inter­views with Thomas Lig­otti and Margo Lana­gan
–Video cov­er­age of the extra­or­di­nary Cute & Creepy art show
–Fic­tion from Jef­frey Thomas: “The Fork”

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