Best European Fiction 2012!

March 12th, 2011 § 5 comments

I’m proud to announce that my translation of Bernard Quiriny’s “Rara Avis” will join the roster of authors, translators, and stories honored by inclusion in Dalkey Archive‘s anthology Best European Fiction 2012, guest edited by Aleksandar Hemon. This will mark Belgian Francophone fabulist Quiriny’s third appearance in the U.S., after “A Guide to Famous Stabbings” in the Spring 2010 Subtropics and “Fear of the First Line” in the July 2010 issue of World Literature Today. While these stories were taken from his first collection, Fear of the First Line, the story in the Dalkey anthology is taken from his second collection, Contes carnivores, which won the Prix Rossel, Francophone Belgium’s top literary prize. I’d like to thank Dalkey Archive, editor Hemon, the Fulbright Foundation, and the NEA for their support of my work on this author.

Congratulations to all in the anthology!

Austria • Lydia Mischkulnig, “A Protagonist’s Nemesis”
Belgium: Flemish • Patricia de Martelaere, from The Unexpected Answer
Belgium: French • Bernard Quiriny, “Rara Avis”
Bosnia • Muharem Bazdulj, “Magic” and “Sarajevo”
Bulgaria • Rumen Balabanov, “The Ragiad”
Croatia • Maja Hrgović, “Zlatka”
Czech Republic • Jiři Kratochvil, “I, Loshaď”
Estonia • Armin Köomägi, “Logisticians Anonymous”
Finland • Maritta Lintunen, “Passiontide”
France • Marie Darrieussecq, “Juergen the Perfect Son-in-Law”
Georgia • David Dephy, “Before the End”
Germany • Clemens Meyer, “The Case of M.”
Hungary • Zsófia Bán, “When There Were Only Animals”
Iceland • Gerður Kristný, “The Ice People”
Ireland: English • Desmond Hogan, “Kennedy”
Ireland: Irish • Gabriel Rosenstock, “‘. . . everything emptying into white’”
Latvia • Gundega Repše, “How Important Is It To Be Ernest?”
Liechtenstein • Patrick Boltshauser, “Tomorrow it’s Deggendorf”
Lithuania • Ieva Toleikytė, “The Eye of the Maples”
Macedonia • Žarko Kujundžiski, “When the Glasses are Lost”
Moldova • Vitalie Ciobanu, “Orchestra Rehearsal”
Montenegro • Andrej Nikolaidis, “The Coming”
Netherlands • Sanneke van Hassel, “Pearl”
Norway • Bjarte Breiteg, “Down There They Don’t Grieve”
Poland • Janusz Rudnicki, “The Woes of Idiot Augustus”
Portugal • Rui Zink, from Tourist Destination
Romania • Dan Lungu, “Seven PM Wife”
Russia • Danila Davydov, “The Telescope”
Serbia • Marija Knežević, “Without Fear of Change”
Slovakia • Róbert Gál, “Agnomia”
Slovenia • Branko Gradišnik, “Memorinth”
Spain: Castilian • Santiago Pajares, “Today”
Spain: Catalan • Pep Puig, “Clara Bou”
Spain: Galician • Agustín Fernández Paz, “This Strange Lucidity”
Switzerland: French • Noëlle Revaz, “The Children”
Switzerland: German • Michael Stauffer, “The Woman with the Stocks”
Switzerland: Romansh • Arno Camenisch, from Sez Ner
Ukraine • Serhiy Zhadan, “Owner of the Best Gay Club”
United Kingdom: England • Lee Rourke, “Catastrophe”
United Kingdom: Scotland • Donal McLaughlin, “enough to make your heart”
United Kingdom: Wales • Duncan Bush, “Bigamy”

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