More Than Meets the Eye

February 13th, 2011 § 0 comments

—So, I’m thinking of a TV show for kids. A cartoon. Let’s make it… cars vs. liars!
—The cars are the good guys?
—Of course! Cars are honest, red-blooded, and American. What are you, some kind of commie? Anyway, the cars and liars are both races of giant robots from outerspace. They come to Earth because their ancient war has destroyed their planet, and because… they need energy to survive. Like this. (shows sketch of giant robot filling up a clear square container with glowing lavender energy, like a guy at a fuel pump with a jerry can) We’ll call them… energon cubes!
—With the whole universe to choose from, why would they come to Earth for energy? And let’s go back to the cars for a moment. I’m just picturing them waiting in line—
—What did you, vote for Carter? Guys, we got ourselves a Carter-loving commie here. Wait—I’ve got it! The liars can fly!
—…but not the cars.
—Of course not. What do you think this is, the future? This is 1983. Let’s get some Jap draftsmen on this pronto before they put Chrysler out of business.

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