Archaia Comics Coming Down the Pipeline

April 4th, 2010 § 1 comment

Archaia Comics is back in action–well, they have been for at least a year, and batting a thousand, as this recent Publisher’s Weekly article proves. I am told I am in no way sharing breaking news by saying the three series I translate–Hub’s samurai and demon hunting Okko, Matz & Jacamon’s hit man noir The Killer, and Pecau & Kordey’s epic arcane conspiracy The Secret History–are back on track. I just spent the last few days wrapping the first half of Okko: The Cycle of Air and Book 11 of The Secret History. I’ve also just delivered the first four issues of the new series of The Killer.  (For Matz-Jacamon fans, there’s also a new series of theirs in the works that’s in my to-do pile.) These aren’t the spoilers you’re looking for… move along. Soon enough these fine books will be available in stores near you.

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  • Hi Edward,

    There are two translators living in Lombez who are looking forward to meeting you – me (French to English) and Elizabeth Bouynot (English to French)

    If you need any information about Lombez prior to your arrival please don’t hesitate to ask


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