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March 22nd, 2010 § 1 comment

Out May 25!

Georges-Olivier Châteaureynaud's A Life on Paper

OK, so… not quite Magritte. But I did resist altering a kitten photo and spelling “Have” as “Hazz.”

Now I can be pretentious and ride around on public transport reading a book I had a hand in (Small Beer Press has graciously given me a cover credit). In fact, I will be doing so, while preparing an essay on the author. Having a bound copy in hand is such a pleasant way to review one’s work. Hence the “R” in ARC, I suppose.

And two new recent Châteaureynaud acceptances have joined the Châteaureynaud Central page: I’m proud to report “The Excursion” will feature in Joyland (San Francisco) in May, and “Another Story” will be appearing in the summer issue of The Southern Review.

Meanwhile, if you read French you might want to check out the author’s new novel, Le corps de l’autre, now out in France, as well as the first book-length critical study of his work, Christine Bini’s Le marbre et la brume.

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  • Liz Argall says:

    Looking forward to reading it. Small Press seem like very good people, given all the work you’ve done bringing Châteaureynaud to the English speaking world I’m delighted that they’re crediting you on the cover

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