I Have a Book Coming Out

February 1st, 2010 § 2 comments

in May. I have been advised by a good friend to make official announcement in the most direct and unadorned language possible, forsaking coy allusion and mandarin indirection. My good friend is right. He is also very smart, and a lawyer. So in case this has not been made clear by earlier posts, here goes:

Entitled A Life on Paper, this book is a collection of short stories spanning the career, to date, of French fabulist Georges-Olivier Châteaureynaud, selected and translated by me. This will be the author’s first book in English. It was recently selected for the French Voices grant program, and also received a Hemingway Grant from the French Embassy.

It will be published by Small Beer Press, and the (awfully nice) hardcover is available for pre-order at their site. If you are a buyer for a bookstore, the ordering information is here. Apart from the obvious ways in which buying this book will support author and publisher, I am told that at this stage pre-orders will help build buzz for the book leading up to its release, getting the word out there and maybe even helping with sales to stores by proving interest. Apparently the book is now also listed at a number of online retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Flipkart, eCampus, and aggregator sites like Allbookstores. It is also up at Goodreads for rating and recommending.

If anyone has suggestions on how best to help Small Beer in promoting and marketing this book, including nifty or unexpected strategies and venues, I’m all ears. Crowdsource: activated!

I have been translating Châteaureynaud’s work for 5 years now. I am overjoyed that what began as a labor of love is finally seeing the light.

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