Blushing and Gushing

January 4th, 2007 § 2 comments

The most excellent Dave Baxter of Broken Frontier has this to say about my work on Archaia’s Okko series by Hub, launched last month (Aie! Last year already!):

“It should also be noted that the translation of dialogue and caption box by Edward Gauvin is one of the best European genre fiction has yet received in the American comic market, and the infamously stilted dialogue and prose of past imported series is happily, conspicuously missing.”

This sentence, like any in the well-penned review, is easily more considered and articulate than those I managed to mangle from the French. Thanks, Dave! All credit, of course, goes to Hub, who draws readers as much into his tale with his words as into his world with his artwork.

Let me note for the record that Edward’s name is absent from most press releases and promotional materials because of a decision I fully understand not to market the series as a eurocomic, much less as previously published material. Publicly, then, I sort of tiptoe around the subject of what it is, exactly, I do for Archaia (I could tell you, but I’d have to cut your tongue out)… but if you’ve found your way here I might as well toot the horn for all it’s worth.

I’m elated that Okko has been garnering good reviews. My thanks to all who generously took the time to share their thoughts and enthusiasm on the book:

Bear Claw at Fist Full of Comics

Randy Lander of Fourth Rail fame

I haven’t actually seen Okko #1 yet. The poor Archaia duo is great, brave, and also severely overworked. Buy their comics so they can hire help already!

§ 2 Responses to Blushing and Gushing"

  • Kathryn says:

    “…easily more considered and articulate than those I managed to mangle from the French.”

    As if we believe that! Edward’s never mangled a sentence in his (invented) life. Certainly it’s praise well-deserved.

    But it’s cute to see you blush.

  • My thanks to the cheering section!

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