"We in the west have…

May 21st, 2009 § 2 comments

arranged our institutions to prevent the concentration of political power. … But we have failed utterly to prevent the concentration of economic power, or take account of how such concentration damages the conditions under which full human flourishing becomes possible (it is never guaranteed).” ~ Matthew Crawford, Shop Class as Soul Craft, quoted by Michael Agger in Slate

§ 2 Responses to "We in the west have…"

  • Ken Schneyer says:

    I wonder if anyone has ever managed successfully to decentralize both. I wonder whether the decentralization of one in some way guarantees the centralization of the other.

  • A simplistic analysis, to be sure, but a timely call-to-arms echoed from many quarters. The question as ever, especially in a democracy, is balance—changing measures for changing times—and perhaps even attempted, if messy, separation.

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