November 14th, 2008 § 0 comments

  • Over at Northeast Runner, David Paulsen has done the heroic: finishing the NY marathon in under four hours as a first-timer. Finishing at all!
  • Writer, translator, and public intellectual Susan Bernofsky’s website is live! And stylish. Go look!
  • I have received the latest issue of Silk Road, with my translation of Mercedes Deambrosis’ “A Spotless Marriage.” That means you can buy it.
  • My career as a nitpicker continues, mais n’est-ce pas ce qu’implique le métier de traducteur? I have merrily forced an uncredited retraction at Slate (it seems to be pending review). Du moins je ne tiens pas de blog détaillant ainsi mes victoires de mesquinerie. But if I did, it would have to be as excellently informative, inquisitive, and playful as the one kept by the proofreaders for Le Monde.
  • On other news, Palin’s Nomination Revealed as Private Bet! Speech therapist Hal Hoggins, specialist in American accents, confessed to betting army Colonel Peckering, ret., that he could take any woman from Alaska and pass her off as the next vice presidential candidate come the Republican National Convention. Peckering reportedly replied: “That’s only six months away! You must be mad, man!” The rest is history. Well… I won’t write that musical. But there it is.

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