OUT NOW: World War Wolves #1

March 22nd, 2017 § 0 comments

Wolves 1

The Walking Dead, but with werewolves. This series in love with all things American hails from Soleil’s new French Comics imprint, with page layouts and panel designs more like American floppies, resulting in pacing that’s less like traditional Francophone bande dessinée. Written by Jean-Luc Istin, with B&W art by Kyko Duarte and grayscale by Ellem. The longer French volumes, coming in at about 100 pages, have been divided in half, so you’re still getting bang for your buck: twice the length of the average American comics issue. The first part of the first arc, God Has a Sense of Humor, is now available as a digital exclusive from Soleil at Comixology.

Devastated by an extremely contagious virus, a great part of the American population have gradually been transformed into hordes of Werewolves. Survivors, fleeing the infested cities and countryside, have gathered in protected, walled communities. Setting foot outside these sanctuaries is like flirting with death…

Over time, the Werewolves have organized themselves too, and a new nation has arisen: feral, ravenous, and drunk on its newfound power. A nation that, having forgotten what it feels like to be human, is feeding on humans instead.

In this dark era, we follow the parallel destinies of several characters in this new United States. Their aim is to survive, but also to eradicate the epidemic!

In Las Cruces, the Marshall family tries to stay alive: John, the father, a novelist, is ill prepared for this new world, is struggling to find his place within it, but has to rise to the situation to protect his family.

In Philadelphia, Jeremy Lester, a blind Blues player, tries to save little Sarah, whose father became a Wolf.

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