Frederik Peeters makes Vulture’s December Comics List

December 3rd, 2017 § 0 comments

Peeters Phang Smell

Abraham Riesman includes The Smell of Starving Boys in his list of 8 Comics to Read in December at New York Magazine’s Vulture. He gets the roles of the writer-artist team reversed, but nobody’s perfect (and everybody’s a critic):

Against the backdrop of Loo Hui Phang’s magnificent vistas, Frederik Peeters’s story turns out to be far more than it initially seems. This queer, supernatural, deliciously sexy tome will be a delight for anyone who enjoys a little trip to the frontier.

The newfangled Western enjoys absolutely lavish production values—cloth binding and colors to make your eyes pop—from SelfMadeHero, which has been faithfully bringing a large part of Peeters’ oeuvre into English. And I’ve been lucky enough to translate it!

Laos-born Normandy native Loo Hui Phang, daughter of a Chinese father and a Vietnamese mother, penned the script for the latest work from Swiss comics star Frederik Peeters, his follow-up to his stellar, trippy SF tetralogy Aama. Peeters, for whom collaborations are rather are in his oeuvre, solicited a script from Phang; this is their first time working together. A noted writer and director, Phang has worked prolifically in comics. I appreciated her superhero take with artist Hugues Micol in Angoulême prizewinner Prestige de l’uniforme.

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