OUT NOW: The Beautiful Death, Issue 4

December 20th, 2017 § 0 comments

Beautiful Death 4

Issue #4 of Mathieu Bablet’s The Beautiful Death is now available from Titan Comics. Whether or not you think the deaths he depicts, both planetary and personal, are beautiful, there’s no doubt Bablet’s art is, drawing admiration from no less than American indie SF comics whiz Brandon Graham. Bablet brings a touch of existential despair to the postapocalypse, following a few lone survivors across a seemingly deserted urban Paris at a time of new evolutionary stirrings beneath the surface. The title derives from what the characters long for: a meaningful end in a world that  has already ended all around them.

The apocalypse has been and gone. The age of humanity is at an end. Horrifying insectile aliens from the depths of infinite space are now masters of the Earth!

What does resistance mean, when there’s nothing left to fight for?

That’s what Wayne, Jeremiah and Scham, the only survivors of the devastating invasion, struggle with day after day – Seeking a new purpose, a glimpse of a worthwhile future, to justify their futile presence in a ruined world.

Picking through the remains of human civilization, keeping out of reach of the bugs, none of them suspect that they are part of a much larger plan, one that involves another, unknown survivor…

La Belle mort was a longer, single-volume graphic novel in France, cut up into issues for English release before an eventual deluxe collected edition.  In this latest installement,

The final remnants of humanity left on Earth has lost a member, with leader Wayne unable to deal with his own actions in a world which has lost all purpose. Deprived of their anchor, Jeremiah and Soham are forced to consider their differences and found their relationship irreparable.

Soham is abandoned his only living friend and betrayed by the dark-haired girl from his past. But he knows that she has a plan, and, more importantly, that she’s keeping it from Jeremiah.

And in the darkness, something is growing…

I don’t think my name has ever been so prominently featured in a floppy (albeit encroached upon by sentient cockroaches). Titan really knows how to recognize a translator’s work! Thanks, Titan!



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