OUT NOW: Morea Vol. 3, The Fire of Time

June 21st, 2017 § 0 comments

morea 3

The pitch for this series could not have been simpler: Highlander, with a hot babe. It’s written by Christophe “License to Print Money” Arleston, superstar of French epic fantasy comics with his Lanfeust universe, and drawn by Thierry Labrosse. Fair warning: kids and progressives, keep a wide berth. The third volume of the ongoing series Morea, The Fire of Time, is now available as a digital exclusive from Soleil at Comixology. This one has a space station in it.

Morea, held prisoner by the Angels, in an ancient satellite orbiting the Earth, must see to her own escape from their cruel experiments. Meanwhile, back at the DWC, the directors of her company maneuver to claim power in her absence… While Morea’s mentor, the Knight Terkio, seeks a means to rescue her.

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