OUT NOW: March of the Crabs, Book 2!

May 23rd, 2017 § 0 comments


Two years ago, I began a series by Arthur de Pins called March of the Crabs: a gentle satire about a French seaside resort, a pair of nature documentarians, and self-actualization for an evolving crab species. De Pins, an animation veteran with other books in English to his credit (NBM’s Zombillenium), deploys bold, colorful art in the service of a rather unique saga probing such topics as environmental disaster, revolution, and personal fulfillment.


This year, BOOM! Studios continues the series with Book 2 of the crably epic, an Angouleme and Eisner nominee. Will one giant step forward for crabkind bring about enlightenment or only collapse? As Chinese premier Zhou Enlai is rumored to have said, when asked about the impact of the French Revolution, “It’s too early to tell.” But you can preview the art at Comics Beat!


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