OUT NOW: Haddon Hall: When David Invented Bowie

February 14th, 2017 § 0 comments

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In its tenth anniversary year, SelfMadeHero is delighted to announce the publication of HADDON HALL: When David Invented Bowie, a new graphic novel by Tunisian-born Néjib.

After releasing his first hit single, David Bowie moved into Haddon Hall, a sprawling Victorian house in London’s suburbs, with his girlfriend Angie. Part commune, part creative hub, it was in this bohemian atmosphere that he wrote many of the songs for Ziggy Stardust and Hunky Dory. Tunisian-born Néjib explores Bowie’s formative years in this evocatively original portrait of a young artist poised to create a musical revolution. A timely reminder of Bowie’s creative genius and influence, coinciding with the first anniversary of his death.

This slim and tender tribute, narrated by the titular house, both fits in well with and stands apart from the other artist bios I’ve translated for SelfMadeHero. Néjib, a graphic designer and comics artist, is the art director at Editions Casterman. His favourite David Bowie song is “Sound and Vision”, and in an interview, he cites as influences on the art and color scheme of this book Heinz Edelmann’s (Yellow Submarine) and Milton Glaser.


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