Forthcoming from Melville House: Serge Brussolo

September 23rd, 2015 § 0 comments

The good folks at Melville House have come up with a moody Ludlumesque cover and a preview of what I call “Inception directed by David Cronenberg,” Serge Brussolo’s SFnal novel The Deep Sea Diver’s Syndrome, which they’ll be releasing this coming January.


. . . the long, black, oily car clung to the sidewalk. Like a giant wet rubbery leech fastened to the foot of the building, siphoning blood from the façade, slowly gorging on the vital fluid flushing the pink marble . . . Would the structure shrivel up, wither away? Instinctively, David reached out for the car door to make sure the metal wasn’t going soft. He checked himself just in time. Rule number one: keep fleeting impressions from blossoming into full-blown fantasies. A moment’s inattention and images seized the chance to sink roots, proliferating at incredible speed—like tropical plants that, no sooner slashed, sprouted back, stalks dripping sap, amputees already reanimating . . .

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