Thierry Horguelin and Yann Coridian in the latest issue of Epiphany

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Epiphany 2014

The latest Fall/Winter issue of Epiphany features two short translations by yours truly: Yann Coridian’s “Seagulls and Fig Newtons,” about memories stirred by a phone conversation between two brothers, and the return of Thierry Horguelin with “Positions in Space,” a neurotic extrapolation about getting lost in airports.

Coridian is a French filmmaker and a writer. He has written ten novels, many published by l’école des loisirs. His first feature film, “Ouf,” was released in theatres in February, 2013. He is currently completing his next screenplay.

Thierry Horguelin won the Royal Academy of Belgium’s Franz de Wever Prize for his collection The Endless Night (2009), a story from which was published in Eleven Eleven #15 and Best European Fiction 2014 from Dalkey Archive. He has published two other books of short prose with Quebec’s L’Oie de Cravan press: The Night Voyager (2005), and These Foolish Things (2012). He blogs at Locus Solus. My translations of his work have also appeared in Birkensnake.

Born in Montreal in 1965, Horguelin has lived in Belgium since 1991. For twenty years, he worked as a book reviewer and film critic for numerous magazines and newspapers in Canada, France, and Belgium. A former bookseller, he has also worked as a free-lance translator, copy-editor, and proofreader for various publishers in France and Belgium. He is currently copy-editor-in-chief at Indications (Brussels), editor and book designer for les éditions Le Cormier (Brussels), and assistant manager of Espace Livres & Création, a Belgian small-press network.

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