Kind Words for Blutch’s So Long, Silver Screen

February 26th, 2014 § 0 comments

Cover design by David Mazzuchelli

Cover design by David Mazzuchelli

At UK site Comics Review, Win Wiacek has this to say about Blutch’s So Long, Silver Screen, out last year from Brooklyn-based PictureBox:

This lyrical, declamatory, harshly imaginative and lyrically introspective collection of short tales – as much stern self-analysis as autobiographical exploration – by pre-eminent cartoonist and illustrator Blutch examines the creator’s relationship to and lifelong shaping by the magic of celluloid fantasies and the mythical icons who made and populated them.

Challenging, enticing and genuinely thought-provoking, this delicious cartoon voyage with a keenly enquiring companion – who has all of the questions but so few answers – is a sheer joy that no grown-up fan of graphic narratives and motion pictures can afford to miss.

Sadly, PictureBox shut its doors at the end of last year. It was a fine publisher of beautiful books, and will be missed.

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