Now Out: Antony Huchette’s Brooklyn Quesadillas!

December 9th, 2013 § 0 comments

Brooklyn Quesadillas

Now out from Canadian indie Conundrum Press, a quirky little title I worked on over the summer: Antony Huchette’s Brooklyn Quesadillas! If you’ve ever wanted to see a man turn benignly into sentient melted cheese, watch a TV show hosted by a coffeepot, or wondered where forgotten sitcom lovelies from the ’80s live, forever young (hint: an island off Manhattan, with their rejuvenating baths), then this is the book for you.

This English edition w be launched at Comic Art Brooklyn, November 9, 2013. Check the blog for more event details.

Quesadillas is the second book in the enterprising Conundrum’s International Imprint, after Chihoi’s The Library.

Huchette is a French artist and animator who makes his home in Brooklyn. He is also a musician and DJ. His previous book is La marée haute (6 Pieds sous terre). Brooklyn Quesadillas was published in French by Cornelius and this translation represents his first work in English.

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