Pierre Bettencourt at The Collagist

September 15th, 2013 § 0 comments

A story by the recluse and outsider writer I profiled at Weird Fiction Review this summer is now up in the 50th issue of The Collagist, the online revue from Dzanc Books. Thanks much to editor Gabe Blackwell, I am delighted to have Bettencourt feature in such a lineup.

His tale, entitled “Incidents of Travel Among the Metamorphosians,” is a science-fiction fable of Calvino-esque whimsy. Topics covered: interstellar anthropology and tourism, accidental infidelity, dead cats, evolution, imitation, malleable (and living) architecture, divinity. A taste:

“They stared at us wide-eyed, when they had eyes; I remember that character with a phallus-shaped head, his mouth at the top of his skull, who spoke in a cavernous voice. ‘And your God,’ said he, ‘what became of him?’”

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