Picture This!

May 15th, 2013 § 0 comments

Picture This

The Cultural Services of the French Embassy ran a fascinating series recently called Picture This! It brought together like-minded authors of children’s books and comics to talk shop and craft. The speakers duos included Hervé Tullet & Mo Willems, Boulet & Gabrielle Bell, Olivier Tallec & Oliver Jeffers, with Antoine Guilloppé & Istvan Banyai still to come on this Monday evening, May 13 at the SVA Theatre.

To help promote this initiative, the Cultural Services asked me to interview two of the artists on their list, whom I happen to translate: Alex Alice, author of Siegfried, the second volume of which is soon due from Archaia, and Blutch, whose book So Long, Silver Screen just came out from PictureBox. Sadly, the Blutch-David Mazzucchelli event is postponed for now.

Alex Alice and Ron Wimberly © Colombine Depaire

Alex Alice and Ron Wimberly © Colombine Depaire

You can read my short interview with Alex Alice at the French Culture site. A pity the interview was conducted remotely, through an intermediary; I would’ve liked to pin Alex for some more question about the fantastique, in which I consider myself something of an connoisseur… With any luck, the Blutch interview should be forthcoming.

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