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  • The AWESOME anthology is getting nods, shout-outs, and a few reviews, the Flight blog, the Top Shelf SPX roundup. Reviews—one negative aside—have not mentioned “We Are Not Alone” yet, so I will chime in with a “GB, you did a f****n’ fantastic job!!!” The book ships today, Wednesday October 17th, so get your local comic shop to order you a copy, or just buy it yerself!

AWESOME at Midtown Comics

Have I not plugged this book enough yet? If not, how could you resist publishers like these?

Ryan Dunlavey and Fred Van Lente of Evil Twin Comics, courtesy of Jamie Tanner’s flickr Charlito of Indie Spinner Rack, courtesy of Jamie Tanner’s flickr

  • Mark Woods posts a link to the Châteaureynaud story, “A Life on Paper”, at AGNI Online.
  • Sam “Golden Rule” Jones links to Jean-Philippe Toussaint’s “Cap Corse”.

Many thanks!

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