Wednesday Roundup: featuring Nicole Taylor!

October 24th, 2012 § 0 comments

  • The latest issue of Beneath Ceaseless Skies features Nicole Taylor’s “Hold a Candle to the Devil”: one of the stories that got her into Clarion and made Kim Stanley Robinson her undying fan. It takes place in the universe of her novel-in-progress, and involves some haunting gruesomeness. UPDATE: I was stupidly confused. It was another story in the same universe, with a candle, that KSR loved.
  • James Smart at The Guardian runs one of the first reviews I’ve seen of A Chinese Life (read an excerpt at Words Without Borders), and it’s a good one:

Its tight focus gives you a wonderfully immediate sense of how one man was shaped by modern China, and the agonising struggles that took place around him.

This ambitious graphic novel pulls you to the chest of the world’s latest superpower, shows you something of what it has gained and lost, and lets you go, 60 years later, drained and intrigued and feeling as though you know China’s great, tangled present a little bit better.

  • Big Pulp’s Summer 2012 issue is still available. It features a features a gruesome, blackly hilarious piece by contemporary Belgian chronicler Thomas Gunzig.  The unclassifiable, irrepressible Gunzig took Belgium’s top literary prize, the Prix Rossel, for his 2001 novel Mort d’un parfait bilingue; his most recent novel is the slasher homage and parody 10,000 Liters of Pure Horror (Diable Vauvert, 2007). The son of a noted cosmologist, he is known for his dark humor, absurdism, and the time he challenged editor Luc Pire, a Tae Kwon Do red belt, to a duel at the Brussels Book Fair over the rights to one of his own story collections. He won.

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