Titles in Translation from Archaia

July 1st, 2012 § 0 comments

Siegfried: Alex Alice brings bravura Disney animation-style art and epic sweep to his retelling of the Ring Cycle. This first volume is followed by an interview and many sketches.

Genetiks: Prolific French scripter Richard Maranzano spins a near-future SF tale of corporate intrigue, intellectual property, and biological experiments. The scope of the frame story remains mysterious in this first volume. Jean-Michel Ponzio’s photo-based style is reminiscent of Alex Maleev.

The Grand Duke: Former aviation draftsman Romain Hugault brings his meticulously detailed knowledge of planes to this story of WWII aces on the bitter Eastern front, based on historical figures. His illustrations are a labor of love and accuracy. Writer Yann creates a memorably nihilistic one-eyed Nazi commandant with a Totenkopf cane.

Cyclops: The series kicked off by Killer creators Matz and Jacamon continues with art by Gael de Meyere. In the future, private armies provide peacekeeping forces around the globe, their televised battles are the most popular reality show.

Happy reading!

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