Angel Wings from Romain Hugault and Yann

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Angel Wings 1

I’m not sure if the English editions have been released yet, but I translated the first three books of this World War II series about the WASPs, or Women Airforce Service Pilots, for their Swiss publisher Paquet, who has a habit of commissioning the occasional English translation of his work and then publishing it directly. I previously worked on this creative duo’s well-reviewed book The Grand Duke from Archaia (pre-BOOM!) and artist Hugault’s earlier solo book Pin-Up Wings from Paquet. Whereas The Grand Duke focused on Europe, these three books–Burma Banshees, Black Widow, and Destination Broadway–center on the Pacific theatre. If you’re a fan of well-researched, realistically depicted period aircraft or retro pin-up girls, these will be right up your alley. Keep an eye out!

Angel Wings 2

Angel Wings 3


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