OUT NOW: Once Upon A Time in Africa

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I only got to translate the first volume of the African trilogy, but it was a beauty, Zidrou’s soulful script rich in human fellow-feeling, and Raphaël Beuchot sensitive line lending a fitting air of folktale to the story: Once Upon A Time in Africa. I’d known Zidrou primarily as a humor writer for his bestselling series about schoolboy Ducoboo, king of the dunches (available from Cinebook), but I’ve been impressed with several books of his recently, especially his collaboration with Édith, Emma G. Wildford.

No one thought he’d ever dare return. In this African country where dictatorship has banned all forms of cultural expression, the storyteller named Once-Upon-A-Time has already had a brush with death. For refusing to stop performing his puppet shows, he lost both his hands, severed at the wrist with the slash of a machete. Now he’s back, ready to begin performing again, and ready to take on the powers that be…

This graphic novel is now available as a digital exclusive from EuropeComics on a number of platforms (Izneo, Kindle, Kobo, Google Play, and Comixology).

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