Deep Sea Diver’s Syndrome at Strange Horizons

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For Strange Horizons, David Hebblethwaite reviews Serge Brussolo’s novel The Deep Sea Diver’s Syndrome:

What ultimately makes Brussolo’s novel work for me is how it knots its different strands into strange and distinctive shapes. There are grand imaginative spectacles…  There is plenty of detail of a society transformed by the mediums’ work… there are the small digressions… This is a novel that can’t be reduced to a metaphor, or a character study, or a work of pure imagination. It is all of these things at once, incompletely and held in tension.

In sum, The Deep Sea Diver’s Syndrome is a 360-degree cross section through a fictional world created and dispensed with in barely two hundred pages. It is as tantalizing, frustrating, and exhilarating as that sounds.

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