The Guardian reviews We Won’t See Auschwitz

February 3rd, 2013 § 0 comments § permalink

Rachel Cooke gives Jérémie Drès’s We Won’t See Auschwitz a winning review in The Guardian:

Jérémie is wryly honest about this episode, just as he is about the fact that they concoct, for the benefit of the Zelechów archivist, a cock-and-bull story about how they’re searching for a friend’s relative rather than their own – and it’s this kind of honesty, I think, that makes We Won’t See Auschwitz so enjoyable. For all that they are terribly serious about their quest, there are times when they just can’t wait to get away from all the proselytising rabbis and obsessive genealogists and head to the nearest restaurant for gefilte fish and marinated herrings. We Won’t See Auschwitz is Dres’s first book, but it reminds me strongly of the brilliant travelogues of the French-Canadian cartoonist, Guy Delisle (Burma Chronicles, Jerusalem): a little bit of history; a little bit of politics; the occasional joke. Both men refuse to be weighed down by the complexity of a situation – and their comics cut through the silt of the opinions of thousands of others gracefully, and with seemingly astonishing ease.

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