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these fine periodical products which feature the fiction of Nicole M. Taylor and H.V. Chao.

The Dark Highlands Anthology is a literary and art journal, published in April and October of each year, that showcases regional writers specializing in horror, the supernatural, dark science fiction and fantasy.

“Terror arrives in all forms” in this second volume. “People go missing. Zombies roam the land. Visitors arrive from the sky. Ghosts lurk around every corner. Nothing is what it seems.” But this much is certain: you will be able to read Nicole Taylor’s “Specter” there, her second story to appear in print! And you will not be sorry.

The erstwhile Portlander Douglas Lain–writer, editor, and revolutionary–has released what is sadly the final print issue of his zine Diet Soap, which will now exist only as a podcast on all things speculative and Situationist. Issue #4, available on Lulu as a a dollar download or a seven buck paperback, takes slavery as its theme and features H.V. Chao’s “The Interview,” first published in Spring 2009 on the Diet Soap website.

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