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September 10th, 2010 § 1 comment § permalink

My Clarion buddies Grady Hendrix and Shauna Roberts beat me to this announcement. Without them I would never have found out when I did, on the side of a street in Ksamil, Albania, waiting for the day’s last bus to take us back to Saranda.  A little context: I was with another Clarion pal, Nicole Taylor, currently on her Grand European Tour preparatory to a semester in Swansea, Wales. She said, “Hey Ed, you’re in the New York Times!” and handed me her IPhone. A dose of home in a foreign land.

Anyway, as noted at Not A Journal, the wonderful and indefatigable Jeff VanderMeer covered A Life on Paper in his Science Fiction Chronicle in the September 5th Sunday NYT Book Review: “The celebrated Châteaureynaud, who over the course of a distinguished career has created short tales that are not exactly contes cruels but which linger on the edge of darkness and absurdity.”

Meanwhile, Victor Brand pens an impeccably phrased piece in The Believer: “Châteaureynaud is a master craftsman, encapsulating weighty themes with pith and heart. In his hands, the short story is a Gothic cathedral whittled from a wine cork.”

And Matt Rowe weighs in perceptively at The Quarterly Conversation “Châteaureynaud celebrates the quiet, hidden beauties of the world and the objects or knowledge we hold tight like talismans to protect us from its losses and horrors.”

Yay! Thank you, everyone, for your enthusiasm for the author, and your kind words!

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