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Back! After a month of inaction, and about to clap shock paddles to the blog. Defibrillation will the take the form of some brief announcements, either what I’ve been up to or what’s upcoming (all updates have been added to the Translations page):

In Interfictions 2, the anthology of the Interstitial Arts Foundation
* “L’Ile Close” by Lionel Davoust, forthcoming from Small Beer Press, Fall 2009

An excellent and enlightening time had working on this idiosyncratic Arthurian analysis-fantasia.

At Tara Online, the site of HRH Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian, author of the bestselling Tara Duncan series
* Chapters 1-3 from Tara Duncan, Book 1: The Spellweavers

I’ve had the pleasure of working not only the author’s magical YA series, but also La Danse des obeses, her horror novel for adults last spring. It had a meat hook on the cover. Some of you may have heard me mention it. She was kind enough to post my translation at her site! Which just goes to prove Her Highness’ royal graciousness.

* “La Tete” by Georges-Olivier Châteaureynaud, forthcoming, Spring 2009

300 pages of Post-Fantasy goodness featuring my friend Scott Geiger and a host of amazing names: Jeff VanderMeer, Ben Marcus, Joyce Carol Oates, China Miéville, Elizabeth Hand, Shelley Jackson, Stephen Wright, Jedediah Berry, Jonathan Carroll… and those are just the ones I know! Plus Karen Russell and Conjunctions editors Micaela Morrissette, and J.W. McCormack, whom I’ve met at readings.
I am deeply proud to have Châteaureynaud stand among them.

The Brooklyn Rail
* “Le seul mortel” by Georges-Olivier Châteaureynaud, Dec. 2008-Jan. 2009

This has been available for some time now, but I never flogged it yet. The print version is unfortunately no longer available on stands, but the virtual survives.

Absinthe: New European Writing
* from Cioran et compagnie, by Roland Jaccard, forthcoming in issue 11, Spring 2009

Very excited about the debut of Jaccard the triste esprit nihiliste, and the fact that Absinthe is still afloat.

Words Without Borders
* from Contre la B.D. by Jochen Gerner, April 2009
* from Lettre aux survivants by Gébé, April 2009
* from Farniente by Lewis Trondheim, April 2009

These last dates are still provisional, as is any guest blogging I do with them; these pieces, slated to appear in February’s graphic issue, were delayed for purposes of hand-lettering by artists.

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